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Issues That Require Emergency Maintenance Services

It can be frustrating when something goes wrong in a property. With emergency maintenance services, you can benefit from 24-hour assistance when an issue crops up. Read on to find out some examples of a maintenance emergency.


Having a leak in a property will require emergency maintenance services. If a pipe bursts or there is dripping water, the building can be subject to damage and danger. Water damage can cause many issues with the frame of a building, weakening the materials and threatening the integrity of the construction if left for too long. Ensure you call the experts to fix the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could cause larger, more expensive problems.


Electrical Faults

Some issues with electricity can wait, but some will require emergency maintenance services. If there is a power outage or constant tripping that cannot be explained, then you may need to call in an electrician. If lights are flickering, and it’s not an issue with the bulbs, then you may need to get them looked at. Additionally, if you can smell burning from wires or find that sockets or switches are warm to touch, this is not normal and a professional should be contacted sooner rather than later.

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Roof Damage

Emergency maintenance services are required when something goes wrong with your roof. For example, if there has been a storm and your roof has been damaged, then you should call the 24-hour phone line to get it sorted. Having a vulnerable roof can lead to weather damage, so it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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Health & Safety Threats

If something has gone wrong in a property, it’s important to ensure that it’s made safe quickly. Emergency maintenance services are useful for when an issue does crop up. For example, if a fence has fallen down in bad weather, you’ll want someone to respond quickly and cordon off the area if necessary in preparation for repairs. This will help to make the area secure and avoid any issues with health and safety. If you have a commercial space, this is necessary to avoid anyone hurting themselves.

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Contact Us Today For Emergency Maintenance Services

We can respond to many maintenance calls if something goes wrong in your home. If you oversee the upkeep of commercial or residential buildings, then emergency maintenance services may be of interest to you. Our team can respond to a multitude of issues, so get in touch to find out more.


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