Fire Door Inspections

Fire doors are an essential part of your building’s safety, which is why regular inspections need to be completed so any repairs or replacements can be actioned.

Our detailed inspections will ensure that all of your fire doors are reviewed and reported upon, functioning correctly and are ready for regular use, as any damage or slight alteration could affect their performance. With the help of our fully accredited team, we can ensure your doors remains in full working order.

In January 2023, the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 came into effect with adjusted requirements for Fire Door inspections and maintenance in multi-occupied residential buildings.

The new requirements apply to multi-occupied residential buildings in England that are over 11 metres in height as follows:

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Annual Flat Entrance Doors Inspection

The responsible persons are required to carry out an annual inspection of all flat entrance doors. The check includes the door functionality, gaps around the door, the general condition of the frame and all associated furniture/signage.

Quarterly Communal Fire Door Checks

Responsible persons are required to undertake quarterly checks of all fire doors in the common parts of the building. The check includes the door functionality, gaps around the door, the general condition of the frame and all associated furniture/signage and ensure they operate correctly in the event of a fire.

Book Your Fire Door Inspection

It is a legal requirement for all residential and commercial buildings to have fire doors correctly installed and maintained. These inspections need to be carried out by qualified professionals to ensure any defects are identified and resolved.

Our inspection team are accredited under the UKAS accredited Bluesky certification scheme for fire door inspections and are trained using both internal and the FDIS training program.

We carry our annual, quarterly and monthly inspections based on each customer’s specific needs and our team are available to guide you through your requirements.

What Is Included In A Fire Door Survey?

Once instructed our team will arrange attendance dates, an online booking system for residential apartment doors (if necessary) and progress reports on the booking numbers prior to attendance.

During your fire door survey our trained fire door inspectors will check every aspect of the installation, with the following details being recorded:

All doors are independently asset tagged using a unique bar code system that electronically records each inspection date and any remedial works completed to that door, recorded on each visit.

Upon competition, a transparent inspection report is provided, detailing:

Contact us for fire door inspection

Get in touch with our team to book your fire door inspection and ensure you are compliant and your building is safe in the event of a fire.

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