Active Fire Protection Systems

If your building/portfolio has fire safety systems in place, we are able to support you with them.

Our team can provide installations and maintenance for a wide range of systems to ensure everything in your building remains in full working order. We can install, test and repair a variety of installations including fire alarms, automatic opening vents and emergency lighting so you have peace of mind that your property fully meets legislative requirements and your systems are maintained in order to operate in the event of an emergency.

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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms are an essential part of your building’s fire safety and they need to be checked on a regular basis. This is to ensure that any faults are detected as soon as possible and rectified to allow the system to operate correctly.

Installing, maintaining or reinstating fire alarm systems is an area our team of fire alarm engineers can assist you on. From weekly testing through to the annual servicing contracts we can arrange ongoing regular visits to your property to maintain your assets.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is designed to guide occupants safely out of a building in an emergency or power cut. Periodic testing will ensure these systems are illuminating when required. The Target team also provide installations of new lighting systems, and can upgrade your property with LED lighting options to modernise your lighting system whilst reducing energy costs.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems allow smoke and heat to escape from a building, which is crucial in the event of a fire as can make escape routes safer and easier to navigate. These systems include automatic opening vents and smoke vent systems that need to be working correctly. We can regularly test and service automatic vents should you require this.

Dry Riser Testing

Dry Riser testing and maintenance is essential should you have a dry riser system in place. Target provides dry riser testing for all types of buildings.

These risers should be visually inspected every 6 months, with a full service and pressure test every 12 months.

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