Advanced Fire Suppression System Set Up

Elevate Your Business With Advanced Fire Suppression

There’s a variety of fire suppression systems to choose from, the trick is selecting the right one for your needs. Traditional water-based sprinklers can be impractical or hazardous depending on business’s environment. They could also cause more damage to equipment, assets and could lead to facility downtime.

Alternatively, an advanced fire suppression system can enable business owners and facility managers to quickly identify and suppress fires. This can be done without damaging the buildings assets and interior or disrupting the business’s continuity.

Types Of Fire Suppression Systems

The types of suppression systems available are designed and optimised for certain fires and working environments, these include:


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is often used to quickly suppress various Class A, B, and C fires. Available in both high pressure and low pressure set ups, the CO2 suppression system is a versatile option. It is odourless, colourless and it’s an electrically non-conductive gas, meaning that there’s little mess after it has activated. It is able to protect an entire room, or a singular piece of equipment.

There is no leftover extinguishing agent residue either, which means that there’s minimal damage to specialist equipment. CO2 systems are hazardous, however, and are installed in unoccupied areas. These will typically be inaccessible to staff and customers, such as vaults, server farms, engine rooms and power pants.


Using an aerated foam, this suppression system isolates the ignition source of the fire from oxygen. When it detects a fire, high expansion foam discharges throughout the affected area. Quite often installed in spacious areas, where there are large amounts of flammable or combustible liquids.

While foam suppression systems are unlikely to cause any structural damage, the cleanup is substantial and will result in downtime. This advanced fire suppression system is frequently found protecting refineries, warehouses, aircraft hangars and refuelling stations.

Fire Suppression System Activation Panel

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression

When it comes to kitchen fires, a traditional water-based sprinkler system won’t work. It will cause burning grease to splash and spread faster. Kitchen fires are therefore diffused at their ignition source with a chemical agent, which can only be installed and inspected by a licenced technician.

In the event of a kitchen fire, the suppression system shuts the gas or electric supply, and the chemical agent is discharged. Once in contact with the cooking oils and fats, the chemical reacts to create a cooling foam. The foam smothers the flame, interrupting the oxygen flow and stops any further ignition. The foam mixture can be wiped away using a cloth once the fire is suppressed. This advanced suppression system is installed in restaurants, food trucks, sports stadiums, and events venues.

Dry Chemical

Rather than using inert gas or a wet chemical agent, a dry chemical system releases a powder to extinguish a fire. The powder is dispersed in large quantities, usually sodium bicarbonate or mono-ammonium phosphate, each targeting different classifications of fire.

Due to the dry chemical suppression systems extensive deployment, the cleanup is extensive and must be reset after each use. This type of advanced fire suppression system is often protecting areas such as dip tanks, auto paint booths, mixing rooms and hazardous material storage rooms.

Clean Agent

A clean agent suppression system employs inert gas and chemical agents that don’t leave residue behind. Effective to use on Class A, B and C fires, once the fire has been extinguished, the material evaporates.

The system is also safe for humans and the environment. It can be used in high-traffic areas with a low Global Warming Potential, and it has a minimum atmospheric shelf life. These systems can be found protecting museums, electrical cabinets, industrial machinery, archives, and libraries.

The Right Fire Suppression System For Your Facility’s Needs

Have a question regarding installation, or unsure on which advanced fire suppression system suits your businesses needs best? Contact us. Partner with experienced fire safety experts, whose priority is ensuring that your business is protected.


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