The Benefits of Appointing A Mains Contractor

Team of contractors

Following on from the earlier post about what a main contractor does, this post will outline the main benefits of appointing a mains contractor to work alongside you for delivering standards to your portfolio.  First, let’s start out with a little bit of context here. So, what exactly is a Contractor? Well, contractors are organisations […]

The Way Fire Spreads – And How You Can Stop/Delay It

Large fire

Fire spreads fast, and the damage can be absolutely devastating. Many people do not realise the speed at which a fire can take hold of a building, and just how much destruction it can cause in such a short period of time. Luckily, there are ways the spread of fire can be slowed down and […]

How Often Does My Guttering Need Cleaning?

Man cleaning a gutter

UK weather is unpredictable and erratic at the best of times. Commercial properties and residential apartment buildings have to brave gusty winds and heavy rain throughout the year! Never forget the importance of a healthy roof and your guttering system to keep occupants warm and dry. You’ll need to complete servicing and emergency maintenance to […]

What Is A Mains Contractor? Here’s What You Need To Know

Man inspecting clipboard chart

A contract is a binding agreement between the party commissioning the building project and the party responsible for completing the construction work. The Mains Contractor is responsible for overseeing and managing all elements of the building project, delivered under a contractual agreement. The role of a mains contractor varies depending on the type of construction […]

Who is Responsible For Fire Safety In The Workplace?

Man inspecting fire extinguisher

Everybody can contribute to fire safety in the workplace by maintaining a cautious attitude and routinely checking extinguishers and smoke alarms. After all, a tiny spark can spread uncontrollably without due care and attention, damaging your property, assets and staff! Heat and smoke protection should always be a primary consideration in the management of your […]

The Ultimate Guide To Fire Doors

Fire door

Fire doors are a crucial part of any buildings efforts in passive fire protection. Passive fire protection is built into the structure of any building. It helps to compartmentalise the buildings into sections in a fire. It safeguards peoples lives and aims to limit the financial impact of damage to buildings and their contents.  WHAT […]

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