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How Often Does My Guttering Need Cleaning?

UK weather is unpredictable and erratic at the best of times. Commercial properties and residential apartment buildings have to brave gusty winds and heavy rain throughout the year! Never forget the importance of a healthy roof and your guttering system to keep occupants warm and dry. You’ll need to complete servicing and emergency maintenance to ensure your drainage is in working order. Your gutters are the first element that may block. Falling leaves and dirt is common debris that you’ll need to scoop away from your roof.

Roofing maintenance and servicing are critical, and that’s not a surprising statement. Perhaps now you’re simply wondering, ‘how often do my gutters need cleaning?’. Well, we’re here to help you plan your property upkeep at Target Maintenance. Keep reading and learn how to care for your building adequately!


There is no one-size-fits-all when we approach the subject of gutter cleaning. Every property is shaped differently and will face unique conditions, so you must consider multiple factors. Here are three handy steps that’ll equip you to complete routine cleaning.


It should come as no shock that your surroundings impact how frequently you’ll need to clean. You’ve got more material that may block your gutters if you’re surrounded by trees or tall and leafy foliage. Check around the perimeter of your commercial building or apartment block, and take note of any plants that could block your gutters. Any stretch of your roofing closest to tall trees is the area you ought to keep an eye on. 

Moss growth can also obstruct your guttering. Dampness and shade are the conditions most likely to encourage and sustain moss, so bright sun can help to deter blockage. Any part of your gutter that faces routine sunlight mightn’t need checking or cleaning as regularly.


Depending on the amount of guttering you’re responsible for, you’ll be able to determine how long cleaning your gutters will take. Larger properties can have large areas of roofing, so gutter maintenance requires significant time to maintain. Smaller apartment blocks hold less guttering so that you can complete cleaning in a shorter time period.

When you’re managing larger properties, it may be worth completing your gutter cleaning more frequently and in sections. Completing one side out of four every month reduces the overall time you’ll have to set aside for the task.


As previously mentioned, the weather can enormously impact the frequency you’ll need to empty your gutter systems. While sunshine can prevent moss growth and promote healthy drainage, birds hunt to build their nests in the sunny season. Since your gutters are warm and dry, they’re an attractive spot to bring branches and create a home! If you aren’t surrounded by trees that will shed in autumn, summer may present more opportunities for blockage in your home. You should implement your cleaning routine accordingly.

Late springtime and early autumn are the most opportune times to tackle your guttering in typical conditions. A late spring clean will manage any faults or cracks that could have occurred during winter, while an autumn clean will remove a good bulk of leaves from your pipes in preparation for the frost.


Hiring a professional gutter cleaner has countless benefits. If your premises are at a height, you’re risking safety incidents if the contractor you employ isn’t familiar with working above ground. A qualified gutter cleaner has specialised equipment such as access equipment and wet and dry vacuums to ensure its completed safely.


No matter how infrequently you plan to address the gutters on your building or portfolio, you must act if there are tell-tale signs of a fault or leak. Symptoms you need to check monthly include water running down your external walls, leaking joints, damp or mould in your property, sagging guttering or loose paving beneath joints. Older properties are more likely to experience cracks or damage to the guttering system, so bear this in mind when completing your property inspections.

As soon as you notice an indication of a blockage or leak in your building, you need to arrange a repair or clearance. If you don’t promptly fix any issues, you can experience several issues. Faulty gutters can lead to damage to your roof and fascias, water erosion and cracks in your paving, and excessive mould growth throughout your premises and leaks into apartments. Mould, in particular, can impact occupants’ health and wellbeing, proving that cleaning your gutters is essential to a safe site. Do not wait until you’re in need of insurance remedial works?


If you have any further concerns with your guttering, contact us at Target Maintenance


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