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How To Manage Costs For A Property Refurbishment Project

When your property is in need of refurbishment, you can’t ignore it. Neglecting ongoing project maintenance (link to project maintenance page) could cause severe structural damage to your building, so it’s wise to undertake your project before you’re faced with more problems! You’ve got even more pressure to keep any occupants of your building safe if you’re managing a workplace since it’ll contain employees and customers and if residential, people in their homes. The good news is that when you’re clever sourcing your project contractors, the costs can be manageable.

 Even if you feel overwhelmed now you’re planning your project, we’re here to help at Target Maintenance! Here is a handy guide to get you started, covering managing costs for any property refurbishment.



No matter how quickly you’d like to refurbish your property, you’ve got to be sure that you’re timing your project at the right time. If regular maintenance and repairs would be equally as effective as a complete renovation, you needn’t splash the cash yet.

Ask yourself:

●       Do I have serious concerns about the structure of my property?

●       Are standard repairs going to be significant, to the point that entire rooms will be compromised?

●       Do I want to change the layout of my property?

●       Will a complete renovation notably improve the overall value of my property?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, now is the time to refurbish. Should your replies have been no, you could possibly pursue repairs and redecorate rather than fulfilling a total refurbishment.



It’s impossible to track how much money you’re spending on your project if you don’t note your costs. You should have documents that follow contractors who will be involved in the project, including your decorators, builders and plumbers or alternatively outsource the entire project.

Make sure you remember:

●       To hire a skip or a company for bulky waste collection. You’re going to need it after stripping your property, and it’s a cost you’ll have to note!

●       And record the price of new appliances, including your lighting and any electricals that you’ll need to install to your refurbished commercial property. Check the specification for works to ensure you haven’t missed any items and costs.


Paying for your project in one chunk may seem like the most costly option, but it’s wise to undertake the entire project at once. When your building is usually occupied, and repairs disturb staff, you want your works to be completed swiftly to minimise disruption.

Hiring contractors for a week straight and promptly finishing the job will likely be more cost-effective than spreading tasks throughout the months.



Securing the best cost for your refurbishment project will ultimately come down to sourcing the best price for every renovation element. Don’t settle for the first contractors you consult.

You can tick multiple boxes with one company by working with Target Maintenance. Contact us for decorating works, bulky waste collection, electrical works and managing your refurbishment project! 


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