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How Do Fire Doors Work?

Doors are an essential component of fire safety for every building and the people inside of them. They are a legal requirement for all commercial properties and public buildings, also including blocks of flats. So, how do they work? Read on to find out more about the safety features they have and how to use them properly.

Fire Safety Door Features

These doors are made from strong and sturdy materials, usually a combination of high-quality timber, steel and aluminium. They are there to keep a fire secured in one room and to prevent the spreading of it. These doors can help with the compartmentation of a building.

Intumescent strips are installed around the doors to enhance the protective abilities of the whole unit. They will expand in the event of a fire. When it detects heat, these strips help to prevent smoke and flames from infiltrating any gaps around the frame. These strips are an integral component of the door’s fire safety standards.

The design of the doors often includes a closing mechanism, which means it will always close after it has been opened, or it will automatically close when the fire alarm is triggered. Make sure they aren’t wedged open for convenience, as this could be the difference between a small, controlled fire and a destructive blaze.

The design of these doors can also include windows. This will be made out of fire-rated glass or it might contain anti-shattering wired mesh to make it more durable and to withstand the temperatures. As long as these doors are correctly installed, regularly inspected and maintained to a high standard, you can be confident in the level of fire safety they provide.

Fire Door

Door Resistance

All fire safety doors must be certified to be in line with regulations. There are different grades of door that provide different levels of protection. For example, if they are labelled FD30, they are made to withstand a blaze for 30 minutes. The other main grades are FD60 (60 minutes resistance), FD 90 (90 minutes resistance) and FD120 (120 minutes resistance). The nature of a business or the type of building may impact this decision, but our experts can advise you if you’re unsure.

Target Maintenance fire stopping

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