Waste Management And The Refuse Disposal Solutions

Great Waste Management & Refuse Disposal Solutions

Effective waste management and refuse disposal solutions are paramount to maintaining a good standard of living. However, regardless of the contents or size, it is important that we dispose of our waste sustainably and responsibly.

Refuse Disposal That Doesn’t Involve A Landfill

Regardless of whether you’re a person, business or sector, each entity will create waste. In the UK, we are sending over forty-five million tonnes of waste to the landfill each year. With space at a premium, effective refuse disposal is important.

Importance Of Effective Waste Management

The significant benefit of waste management is that helps to minimise our environmental impact. Companies that specialise in doing this effectively are able to assist with proper disposal, limiting our greenhouse gas emissions and overall pollution.

Benefits Of Effective Refuse Disposal

  • Environmental protection from pollution and exposed contamination.
  • Safety for the public, as irresponsibly disposed of waste can present harm.
  • Financial incentives. Companies will buy recycled materials due to their value.
  • Employment opportunities in the waste management industry.
  • Encourages alternative solutions. Exploring alternative methods can lead to new breakthroughs.
  • The public are more environmentally conscious than ever, so it’s important for businesses to demonstrate eco and green practices.
Waste That Needs Refuse Disposal Services

Effective Refuse Disposal Solutions


You should choose recycling as the clear alternative to sending waste to the landfill. Recycling is applicable to a wide range of materials. Wood, steel, aluminium, plastics, and glass can all be recycled.

Waste To Energy Incineration

This is a process that uses waste as a fuel to power a turbine and create energy. The benefit of this is that items that would otherwise have gone to landfill will be used to create energy. The problem that this process has is that it creates more greenhouse gas emissions by producing CO2.

Anaerobic Digestion

Bacteria and other microorganisms can break down organic waste without the need for oxygen and open air. This structural breakdown of waste creates a number of byproducts, primarily methane. The resulting gas can then power various engines or becomes natural gas through a refinement process. Anaerobic digestion is a new process that is worth keeping an eye on, as it is both a refuse disposal solution and energy source.

Organic Waste Method

Composting is nothing new, the environmentally friendly process that allows biological waste to break down naturally has been hugely successful. Consequently, it is starting to be done on an industrial scale, in response to growing concerns over the size of landfills. The byproduct of this process is allowing organic material to be recycled rapidly and converted into fertiliser, which can be used in agriculture or other industries.

Choose Target Maintenance For Waste Management Services

We provide refuse disposal services on a domestic and commercial basis, whether it be pianos or mattresses. Our team are equipped to manage your waste material and dispose of it responsibly. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our waste management services, please contact us.


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